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From Dead to Dazzling! Painted Hardwood Floors

Creative Design Ideas for Upgrading Your Wood Floors with Paint


Often times I have clients that have hardwood floors that have seen better days. If you have some hardwoods that need a facelift—but not enough budget to replace them?  Then paint may be the simple solution.  From a quaint mountain retreat to a modern and chic urban apartment, painted floors are making a major statement in interior design. They allow you to breathe life into new floors or simply take unfinished hardwood and make it your own.  And, unlike refinishing and staining floors, painting can cost less and is an easy DIY project you can tackle.  As an extra-added bonus, painted floors are low-maintenance.

Let your imagination be your guide. You can refresh a bedroom, bathroom or porch with stunning painted designs that will add character and depth to any room—how about a painted rug.  Subtle or bold, painted hardwoods are a win-win.

Speaking of paint, there are, of course,  a few little things to consider. Always, use paint labeled “floor paint” or “porch paint.” In most cases, you’ll want to go with an oil-based option for the longest wear.  This will also ensure you achieve a professional finish. As always, the best results will come from good preparation!

Floor Painting Ideas Using Block Color

The simplest way to use floor paint is to choose the color you like and then paint the entire floor that one block color. However, choose your color wisely because it can really define the look of your room and give the space a certain feel.  Lighter floor paints such as white or gray or light blue are a good idea if you want to keep your space crisp and minimalist or add a coastal vibe; bright and bold colors such as yellow or fuchsia are not for the faint of heart and need to be offset with equally bold décor choices; and dark floor paint such as deep blue or black can be very dramatic and creates a spare aesthetic.



It’s easy to recreate that vintage vibe with bright painted bathroom hardwood instead of tiles.



It’s easy to recreate that vintage vibe with bright painted bathroom hardwood instead of tiles.



Wonderful freestyle flowers add serious wow factor to this family’s deck!



This deck painted and stained with a mandala design is more subtle, but equally pleasing to the eye.


Painting your floors is surprisingly easy in most cases. Rough the floor with sandpaper and vacuum up the dust. Then simply use a roller brush to spread the paint on the floor and let it dry. That’s it! Paint formulated for floors doesn’t need a clear coating on top, so you’re done. If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment using stencils to create added character.

So, whether you’re trying to breathe new life into tired old floors or just want to try a new look, a coat of paint can work wonders on your floors. Or if you’re feel you need a professional, contact Diaz Flooring, www.diazharwoodfloors.com, located in the Atlanta metro area. We’ll help you achieve that custom look perfect for your lifestyle.


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